Remove automatically your work from illegal download

We are constantly monitoring all of the networks of illegal downloading.
When your work will be detected, a legal takedown notice will be sent to the webmaster, the webhoster, the hostname manager & the file hoster.

Without ProtectMyCopyright
With ProtectMyCopyright

PMC is a the ultimate DRP service (Digital Right Protection).

Not only it takes down all illegal copies of your work online, it also delist them from the main search engines, makes statistical analysis, and collect informations about all pirates. We monitor films, video courses, audiobooks, books or music files and find all illegal copies online and stricke them.
With PMC, no more content theft.


We are monitoring all of the biggest illegal networks

And we will automatically remove your work from them, relying on a competent legal team.
Follow on our application where violations of your copyright have occurred and where are their removal.

An automated system with exceptional features

Don’t care about anything, all is automated ! Simply look the reported infringements solved online.

Cloud system

To acccess your dashboard everywhere at anytime

Protect anything

From ebooks, softwares, music to adult content movies, since it’s virtual we can protect it !

Automatic removal

Legal notices will be sent automatically, you have nothing to do !

Legal team

Our legal team is always ready to intervene legally if necessary

Manage your protection

Manage the work you want to protect and his protection on your panel

Advanced monitoring

We will tell us exactly where we have detected your copyright has been violated

Multiple and specific attacks

To obtain the end of the infringement we directly legally attack all of the responsibles, invoking the laws of their respective countries

Personal needs ?

Contact us and we will be happy to propose you custom solutions

Already loved by World’s Companies

Find the best plan for You

1 credit


Perfect if you want to protect only one work

100 credits

2 000
2 000

Appropriate if you have a catalog of work to protect

VAT not included in all prices shown



1 credit means

Protection of 1 of your work’s copyright

for 1 year (365 days from the date you use it)

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