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What types of content do you protect ?

Any virtual content that can be shared on P2P or Warez networks: music, ebooks, software, movies, films, series, etc.

We also protect adult content regardless of their support (ebooks, scenes or full movies) under “special account”.

We monitor the biggest P2P (torrents), streaming & warez (direct download) platforms from several countries, with an ever expanding list thanks to our traffic data analysis.

We can’t provide you a full list to avoid they block our bots and we are adding new sites and network very regularly.

You can have many accounts as you want since 1 mail will be assigned to 1 account.
If you are a large enough company we can give you an admin account managing various user, especially if you own various content type.

Yes if you have a valid mandate from the right-holder to do it. In that case please open a ticket to our support and send it the mandate. Special conditions apply to barristers and lawyers, except if they are PMC partners.

We will create an account only after you buy minimum 1 credit.

If you paid with credit card, please verify that you have been charged and not refunded (it can be a problem with you credit card and our partner of payment Stripe).

If you paid with wire transfer, we will give you your credits only when the payment will be on our bank account.


If this takes time, you can open a ticket 


What is the dashboard ?

The dashboard is the center of your account. There you can process payment and complete your content information.

You just have to click on “My protected work” and then “add”, then fill the complete name of the work. The protection will consume 1 credit and will be effective during 1 year (365 days) after your sent your domain.

Our support can ask you some evidences and justificatives to verify you are the true right-holder.

In cases where you are not a company or you offer sensitive content, we assign you this status to analyze your work in particular.

We can also assign you this status in case of other reasons specific to our internal management.

You nevertheless have access to all our services, the difference with a usual account is the fact that each of your submission will be studied in more detail.


Which countries can you legally target ?

Thanks to international copyright agreements, we are able to intervene everywhere apart from a few countries that do not cooperate with international authorities such as North Korea.

If a content infringer website refuses to put an end to the violation, our legal team at Eternos Corporation intervene directly and will propose you appropriate solutions.

Protect My Copyright is a service powered by Eternos Corporation an irish LTD based in Dublin. We provide law & IT services.

Effects of Piracy on your Brand

How does online piracy affect your business' revenue and performance?

Your suppliers might distrust you since they too are losing income due to your content being illegally downloaded. Consumers might lose trust considering they can download premium products for free.
A clear and negative impact of online piracy is a decrease in your revenue stream. Pirates will share and download your content for free, thus no income for your business.
A further potential headache is that of your brand image. When digital pirates have a free pass to your content, your image and exclusivity will be altered. anti piracy protection puts an end to this.


Do you have an affiliation system, do you propose partnerships ?

Yes :


Do you have an affiliation system, do you propose partnerships ?

Yes :


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