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How it works.

What you do


Buy credits

1 credit protects 1 of your works for 1 year from its use


Use your credits

In your monitoring space spend 1 credit to protect each of your works for 1 year


Instant analysis

A first analysis is automatically launched, the first results are immediate


We will monitor

Continuous monitoring of the networks will also beginning, you will be notified of new results by mail.

What we do


Get in touch with the webmaster

First we send a legal notice to the webmaster where your copyright has been violated


Prevent the host

Then we inform the webhost provider of this infringement


Contact the domain name abuse

A complaint is filed to the abuse service of his domain name.


Personal solution

Finally, if this is not enough, our lawyers will contact you with solutions to put an end to the violation of your copyright as soon as possible.



1 credit means

Protection of 1 of your work’s copyright

for 1 year (365 days from the date you use it)

Don’t worry it’s easy !

First, buy credits

1 credit means 1 work protected for one year

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With your dashboard, you can monitor where your work has been shared illegally  and our actions brought automatically to end it !

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No problems with our legalteam

If a website resists and refuses to put an end to the violation, our legal team at Eternos Corporation intervene directly and will propose you appropriate solutions.

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Sensitive, particular content ? You need to protect an entire catalog of works ?
Our support will study your specific case and propose adapted solutions !

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